The Hawaii Visitors Bureau may chose to tell you Honolulu is one big melting pot bubbling over with the Aloha Spirit.

The reality is hardly that.
Yes, bigotry is alive and well in Honolulu.

Is it worse than anywhere else? Probably not. Perhaps, it may simply be that ethnic harmony and equality are continually put to the test in Honolulu. More so, than they are in other locales. Our island population does not have any clear cut majority and Honolulu has limited geographic circumstances. This forces our numerous racial, ethnic and minority mixes of people to be interdependent in their living and working conditions.

Many of our new arrivals and first time visitors come from places, where they happened to belong to the local ethnic majority. Upon their arrival in our islands, they are surprised and caught off guard by the racial mixtures.

Also, there is a steady flow of immigrants from numerous countries. The newcomers and old timers with ancient family roots are forced to interact within a rather confining geographic area. With everyone being a minority, when one group obtains a substantial majority in a certain field, their is a natural inclination for those not reaping those particular benefits to believe this is an injustice caused by discrimination.

The amount of truth in this reality can often depend upon where you sit.