Jogging in Honolulu

The climate, weather and gentle trade winds make Honolulu an ideal place for jogging, particularly in at sunrise and sunset.

Visitors are in luck as two of the most popular jogging locations on the island, Kapiolani Park and Ala Moana Park are adjacent to Waikiki. The more ambitious joggers can do like the more serious locals do and include a loop around Diamond Head when doing the Kapiolani Park run.

Personally, the first time I arrive in a city, I enjoy seeing it on my terms, just at sunrise, when the city is just starting to come alive and the traffic has not overburdened its streets. There is a magic in this and it gives the feeling that you own this new to you world.
When doing this, it is wise to keep your hotel card on your person, just in case you get too enraptured and forget confused on how to return to your hotel.

A downside of jogging in Waikiki in the morning: All the delivery trucks and trash pick up trucks have to be out of Waikiki before late morning, (The hotels know tourists don’t want to be confronted with garbage trucks all day long) so they may confront you during a morning jog.

A downside of jogging the local neighborhoods: Neighborhood streets are narrow and jam packed with cars and pickup trucks. Sidewalks are narrow or nonexistent. Many residents when parking in their short driveways also tend to block the sidewalks.  Add barking dogs to this scenes and you will find jogging in many neighborhoods is simply not a pleasant experience.