Jogging is Fun

To many people, myself included, Jogging is Fun.
If you are a jogger, you will feel at home in Honolulu, as it is a 365 day a year avocation for many locals.

Below is a newspaper article, that was written a little less than 25 years ago, concerning  myself, the owner of this website,

The World is His Jogging Course
By Ralph Diaz, (San Antonio Light Newspaper) staff reporter. Saturday, May 5, 1990

If there’s one thing you can say about Dennis Keating, he certainly lives an, at times, exciting life. And he most definitely gets around. This is a guy who has run in West Germany, France, Spain, Austria, Greece, Japan, the Soviet Union, Thailand, Turkey, and the Philippines, just to name a few countries.

He has jogged along the Isle of Crete, next to the summer palace of Baguio, near the coast in Izmir, through the markets of Rangoon, on the cliffs of Ireland and up and down the streets of Chiang Mai. He recently jogged in front of Lenin’s tomb in Moscow and when he stopped to have his picture taken, was physically removed from the area by guards armed with machine guns.

“I’ve probably jogged in more than 20 countries since I left San Antonio, “ said keating, who slowed down long enough for an interview this week before heading off to another part of the country.

Keating, 49, is known to many here as the author of the book “Running Around in San Antonio.” The book I comprehensive guide to running in the city. Just about everything a runner would want to know about running in the city is in his book, including maps and descriptions of his 18 favorite running trails. The book is a bit outdated, however, since much has changed since the book was printed five years ago(for instance, Ruben Flores is not the running columnist for The Light; he quit writing for The Light some five years ago).

But Keating can be forgiven. For the past five years he has spent most of his time in Europe and Asia. It was five years ago when he was transferred to Munich, where he works” a job a 12-year-old would love. I get all the junk food and video games.” What he does is work as the branch Chief of Vending for the PX, operating stores on military bases. He oversees operations in eight countries. This enables him to see the world, and jog the world.

Keating, who considers himself ”definitely a fun runner…I’ve never won a trophy,” loves to get up early in the morning and discover the city while most of the city is still asleep. He has found this is a great way to experience the market places and downtown areas.

“I do enjoy running in strange places, “said Keating. Through running, I can see a place on my own terms.” Hong Kong, Tokyo, he’s been there. Taiwan, Paris, Sicily, he’s been there, too. Right now he is on a one-month vacation. He is discovering America with a Discover America ticket he purchased for $400 overseas. It enables him to fly anywhere he wants in the U.S. for a whole month. Keating prefers to fly standby, bcasue it is cheaper.

In the past two weeks alone he has visited relatives and friends in Tampa, Orlando, Memphis, Seattle, Dallas, Kalamazoo – “I’m getting my money’s worth out of this ticket” – and San Francisco. Next week he will watch a Cubs game in Chicago. He spent a few days enjoying Fiesta in San Antonio, a city where he lived from 1982-85. He was very involved in the running scene back then, serving as social chairman for the San Antonio Roadrunners. “I consider San Antonio a great running town, “ said Keating. “There’s a lot of support here for it.”

Right before he moved to Munich, he wrote his book. “ I knew running and I knew San Antonio, so I put together a handy book for runners”, said Keating. “I felt an urge to write a book.” Approximately, 1,000 copies have been sold, including one this week to The Light’ s running columnist(and no, his name is not Ruben Flores). The book can be purchased at the Run – A – Way running store. It actually is a guide for walkers and bicyclists, too.

Also at the Run – A – Way are pieces of the Berlin Wall that Keating collected. He recently drove a van to the wall, climbed a guard tower in East Berlin, borrowed a sledgehammer and “just went to work on the wall.” He brought wall souvenirs and some stories here with him.

Keating ran the Fiesta Flambeau Fandango race last Saturday night. Then, when the rain came, he was gone, discovering America.